Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some Really Cool Feedback!

I had something really cool happen the other night at cards. Yes, I play poker, specifically Texas Hold’em, in a local league, and I’m not that bad at it either. Anyway, an older gentleman sat down at my table. He told me he had finished reading my book, Guardian of Atlantis, and wanted to know a couple of things. He wanted to know what was in Raven’s dad’s journals and what the key she had in her pocket was for. (I will tell you this, it’s not the key to Atlantis.) He even tried bribing me to get the information.  A little later, another guy told me his daughter was already on chapter five and his mom was “patiently” waiting for the granddaughter to finish the book so she could read it.

This is actually the first feedback I’ve received on the book, and yes, it made me feel really good.

We, authors, for the most part, work in solitude when we write. We pour our hearts, our guts, and even our souls into our creations.

And then we send it out into the world.

And we wait. We wonder. Do the readers like it?  We bite our nails. Do they want more? And we hope the answer is yes, and we start the next project, which is usually the next book in the series we’re writing.

If you read something you like, let the author know. We like to hear from you, the readers.