Friday, July 20, 2012

When Your Characters Run Amuck

Hi guys.

First I need to tell you that no authors—namely Ms. Cole—were hurt when I took over writing today’s blog. She wasn’t exactly happy with giving up control of her first blog, but I was very, very persuasive. Besides, she really needs to finish going over the proof thingies for my book. That is definitely way more important than spending all that time worrying about this blog. So actually, I’m doing her a really big favor by taking away the stress she was under.

Wait! You don’t know about my story do you? That means you don’t know who I am. (Sounds of a head banging on a wall.) Ms. C, you were supposed to have already told people about me. What have you been doing? (Sounds of muffled words.) My name is Raven Weir and the story Ms. C wrote about me is called Guardian of Atlantis, because, well…I’m the guardian.

Elizabeth: You tied Ms. C up with duct tape? You don’t tie up authors with duct tape. I don’t care if that’s use #922. You don’t do it.

Raven: What are you doing here, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: I came by to talk to Ms. C about my story.

Raven: You don’t have a story. So, go away. We’re working.

Elizabeth: Ms. C would’ve told my story if you hadn’t of showed up. The whole guardian thing…give me a break. There’s nothing special about that.

Raven: You’re still just jealous.

Elizabeth: Me? Jealous? NOT! (She rolls her eyes.) I still can’t believe what you did to Ms. C. I think you should untie her so she can start working on my story.

Raven: She’s doing…research. Besides I didn’t do that, the nymphs did. They’re looking at the fruit trees in the backyard. I think they’ve still got some duct tape. Do you want me to find out?

Elizabeth: Those twitty nymphs are here? I’ll come back, when you’re not here. (She leaves.)

Sorry about that. Elizabeth is…well she’s…you get the idea. As I was saying before we were interrupted, I’m Raven Weir and Ms. C’s book, Guardian of Atlantis is all about me. You probably didn’t realize it, but the people and creatures in the Greek myths you read in school, they’re real. The myths are really huge exaggerations, but that happens when stories are told over and over and over.  Some of your class mates may even be descendants of gods and creatures from the myths. It’s kind of scary if you really think about it. Anyway, what you’ve heard about the fights, the tricks, and the power struggles are all true. In fact, Zeus is on this huge power trip right now. He’s tired of everyone ignoring him. So he’s decided he wants to take over the world and make everyone worship him and to do this, he needs the power hidden in Atlantis.

(Sounds of garage door opening.)

I’ve got to go. Either Ms. C’s husband or son is home. Watch for my story Guardian of Atlantis. Ms. C did a really good job telling it. Oh, by the way, Ms. C is okay. She wasn’t in any way hurt by the…uh…research she was conducting.