Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cats Don't Like Change

There are a couple of vet clinics I drive by on a regular basis. One of them always has a cute saying on their marquee.

This week it's :

Cats don't like change without their consent.

And so true it is!

The saying really struck home this week. Because after being home all summer, I went back to work--teacher staff development and workdays to get ready for the new school year which starts Monday.

And I've got not one, but two very spoiled cats--Smokie, a gray tabby striped female, and Bear, a red and white tabby stripped male.

Bear is definitely a people kitty. He thinks anyone who comes into the house should love him and rub his belly. Smokie, on the other hand, is very much a mama's girl. When people come into the house, she runs and hides until they're gone. She's not a people kitty. In fact, she just tolerates my husband and son, though she is letting them pet her a little more. But with me, she follows me around the house.

Smokie's also my little thief.

The change from my summer routine back to work has been a little difficult for her. She's become extremely vocal in the mornings and this week has stolen my emery board (found it in the kitchen half-way under the stove), purposely knocked my nail polish off the table (luckily it was closed) and has stolen several pens from my desk (the ones I was using). And this is just the stuff I know about so far.

Smokie's "stealing" is not a new thing. I've lost more pens, paperclips, and whole pads of sticky notes to her. One morning she took off with my flashdrive. Luckily, I caught her before she hid it. And she absolutely loves hair bands. She thinks they all belong to her.

The change in routine is definitely without her consent, and she is making it known.