Monday, September 17, 2012


I finished typing the draft of chapter three of the sequel to Guardian of Atlantis. I've been working on chapter 4 today. I'm about halfway finished with it. My goal for tonight is to finish the chapter before I go to bed, if I can stay awake. I'm not getting enough sleep and I'm a bit cranky today.
My goal is to have the draft completely finished by the end of Thanksgiving holidays. I know I can do it. That's what I've got to keep telling myself.
 If you haven't bought your copy of Guardian of Atlantis because you thought there wasn't going to be a sequel, you might go ahead and get your copy today. There is a sequel. I'm writing it. I've got the idea for the third book in my head too. And for those of you who have bought a copy---THANK YOU!  I hope you enjoyed it. The sequel will be out before you know it.