Tuesday, October 16, 2012

candy, candy, and more candy

The stores are filled with candy displays. Now it's not just for Halloween, but Christmas candy is starting to appear. It's so hard not going down the candy aisle and now it's harder because not only is there the candy aisle but the seasonal candy aisle.

And it's more difficult for me. I love the orange Halloween Kit Kats. In my mind they taste better than the regular milk chocolate ones. My absolute, anytime, favorite candy is the Ferrero Rocher Chocolate. I also love Oreos. When I'm stressed, that's one of the things I look for, so I don't keep them in the house very often.

So, today, instead of buying candy, I found a bag of Honeycrisp apples and bought that instead. They're my favorite apple and can only get them around this time of the year. Slices of the Honeycrisp apple with peanut butter--YUM!

What is your favorite candy?
  • candy corn
  • Kit Kats
  • Twix
  • 100 Grand
  • M & Ms
  • Almond Joys
  • Peanut Better Cups
Or is it something totally different?