Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's been a busy week, not just for me but for everyone!

My new book, Wrath of Hades (book 2 in The Children of Atlantis series) came out this week. The story picks up about four weeks after Guardian of Atlantis ends.
The back of the book says:   Being the Guardian of Atlantis doesn't make life any easier for Raven Weir.
The consequences of her actions haunt her, her unreliable powers put her and everyone around her in danger, and Hades is doing everything he can to destroy Raven's life so he can take back her soul and gain control of Atlantis.
 Wrath of Hades is available at Amazon in both ebook and paperback, at Kobo as an ebook, and at Smashwords as an ebook. Sooner or later it will be available at Barnes and Noble.
Check it out!!! Buy the book or ebook!!! (I'm not ashamed of that outright plea.)

I'm trying to improve my blog. I've already updated the Children of Atlantis page, and I've got a Children of Atlantis blog. Take a look if you haven't already. I'm planning on adding  a couple of more pages, so keep watching for them. I'm spending the next month outlining several ideas, including the next book in The Children of Atlantis series and a trilogy loosely tied into the Grimm fairy tales. In the next couple of weeks I'll be putting up some information about the projects.

With Christmas just days away, I've been thinking about my mom's cookies. My mom's been dead for a long time, but I still miss her, especially her cooking around the holidays. I've just finally come up with a cornbread dressing recipe that tastes almost like hers, but the one recipe I haven't been able to duplicate is her sugar cookies. Mom didn't have many recipes written down and this was one of them. When she made them it was a touch of this, a little bit of that, or enough of that until it feels right. If she rolled the dough out thin, the cookies were crunchy, but if rolled thick, they were soft. She made some really good cookies. When I was in elementary school and you could still bring homemade stuff for parties, some of the kids would ask me to bring her cookies. There were never any left at the end of the parties. But the recipe, unfortunately, died with her. I do miss them.