Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gift Ideas: Some things I like that are $10 or less

We're all looking for good ideas to give our friends whether they are writers or not. So here are ten things that I like.

  1. Starbucks gift card ($10) -- You can't go wrong with this. Depending on the drink and the size, the receiver of this gift can get 3 to 4 drinks.
  2. Bookstore gift card or a book off the person's Wish List -- I buy a lot of ebooks now, especially from indie authors. I've discovered some really good writers. Ten dollars can get you several ebooks, and you might just discover a new author you like. (Hint! Hint!)
  3. Pens -- There are all kinds and colors of pens to choose from. I know, I'm definitely a pen person. I love the different colors and styles, though light blue/turquoise is my favorite.
  4. Notebooks/Journals -- Notebooks and journals have come a long way from the Big Chief Tablets. Their bright and colorful and absolutely fun to use. Some writers use them for jotting down thoughts and ideas, while others write their first drafts in them.
  5. Variety packs of tea and/or coffee -- You can find a lot of good variety packs of teas and coffees in the grocery stores. Twinings is my favorite brand of teas.
  6. Coffee mug -- Ceramic mugs are the best. My favorite mug that I've been using for years is my HP and The Sorcerer's Stone mug. I'm so picky about it, when guests come over, I move it so no one will use it. If it gets broken, I want it to be my fault.
  7. Puzzles -- When I need a break to clear my head, I like to put together puzzles, 1000 count or better. If I really like the picture, I glue it together and frame it. I've got several winter scenes waiting for me.
  8. Movie theater gift certificates -- This is neat and gives the receiver a chance to get away for a couple of hours.
  9. Subway or Schlotzsky's gift card -- I'm very much a sandwich person and this makes a good quick meal (and leftover for lunch the next day) when you're busy or on deadline.
  10. Chocolates -- Okay, who doesn't like chocolates? You absolutely can't go wrong with this gift. My favorite is Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates and you can get an 18 count box under $10.