Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Possible Zombie Types

When it comes to zombies, whether you read books about hem, watch movies or television shows about hem, or play video games with them in it, there is always one thing you can be sure about--everyone has a different take on zombies.

Most of the time the zombies typically fall into one of the five basic types:
  • "rise from the dead" zombies,
  • voodoo created zombies,
  • viral or parasitic zombies,
  • radiation created zombies, or
  • the experiment-gone-really-wrong zombies.
So where do the zombies in my book, How NOT to Train a Zombie, fall?

(And yes, I just revealed the title to my new ya zombie book that will be out in a couple of weeks!!!)

In my zombie world, a virus is what created my zombies. No one really knows how the virus started, it's just an accepted, highly contagious disease that must be dealt with. The virus causes dead humans to reanimate and go on a feeding frenzy. The virus is transmitted to living humans through zombie bites. If a human survives, he/she is doomed to turn into a zombie, which in turn, goes on a feeding frenzy.

Of all the types of zombies out there, what's your favorite kind?