Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Looking Back Blurb from Wrath of Hades

From Wrath of Hades

She stepped out of the darkness and straight into the middle of the Hellhound meeting, and Raven suddenly found herself surrounded by hundreds of Hellhounds.
The room fell silent. All eyes were on her.
“Wow! I didn’t realize there were so many of you,” she said as she looked around the room. Ethan and the others were standing on the far side of the room. Several huge men with wickedly lethal looking swords stood around them. Guards, obviously guarding the prisoners.
“I knew it! I just knew it! Every bad B movie has really big guys with wicked looking swords,” said Raven. “Now, I just need the evil wizard, and we’ll be all set.”
More men and women stood in small groups throughout the room. Some glanced at the prisoners while others stood with their backs to them. In the front of the room was a very huge man, who Raven figured was Cerberus. Power rolled off of him in waves. Definitely the alpha, thought Raven. The man towered over the others, and Hellhounds were on the tall side anyway.
Everyone was staring at her. Slowly, Raven scanned the room, looking for anything she could use to her advantage. She let her eyes linger a few seconds longer on Ethan than she did anything or anyone else.
He shook his head at her. A really displeased look covered his face.
She shrugged her shoulders and winked.
“How dare you enter this place!” Huge waves of power rolled off of Cerberus, causing all the Hellhounds to cringe. Some even let out painful whimpers.
“Okay, there’s my bad wizard.” Raven felt the power, but it didn’t bother her. It was more like having a pest buzzing around her ear. “Is that all you got? Cause it felt like an annoying mosquito. And you know, you just have to swat them.” Raven smiled at him. She slapped her hands together and twisted them like she was squishing something between them.