Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Recap #10

The past two weeks have been really, really busy!!!

Most of you know I teach at a junior high school. I'm also the yearbook adviser for my campus, meaning I'm the person in charge making sure the yearbook is produced--everything from pictures to creating the pages. The deadline to have it finished was looming, but with a lot of work, it got done and sent in to the company who will print it. At the same time I was dealing with the paperwork for the annual 8th grade trip to Schlitterbahn. And then there was the last minute prep for the state tests--lots of meetings and paperwork for the teachers. This week the 8th graders took their math and reading state tests, and I'm glad the two days are over. A lot of stress for everyone involved.

In the mix, was Easter (earlier this year then most years). Saturday, the Hubby decided to BBQ chicken because he wanted to try a couple of alterations to his original recipe. I didn't have to do a lot of cooking, just potato salad and deviled eggs which was fine with me. We had friends over and everyone had a really good time.

Oh, and what did Hubby learn about the chicken recipe alterations?  If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!! The original recipe does not need to be changed, but then I told him that before he started his experiment.

I'm trying to finish up the rough draft of a story I'm working on. Once I've finished it, I'll start writing WARRIOR OF ATLANTIS, book 3 in the Children of Atlantis series. It will be available at the end of summer.

I'm also looking at changing the covers for GUARDIAN OF ATLANTIS (book 1) and WRATH OF HADES (book 2) to make them more uniform looking since they are part of a series. I've been looking around at different artist who create book covers and stock photos. If you have any thoughts or ideas, let me know.