Thursday, May 2, 2013

I WRITE because...

Writers write for different reasons. In fact, the reasons are as wide and varied as the individual personalities of the writers themselves. But no matter the reason there's something that drives us to write.

I write because...

The characters in my head won't leave me alone. Sometimes they push and shove each other to the point I feel like I'm going a bit crazy. And the reason they do this? To see who'll get his or her story told first.

Writing is like breathing, if I don't do it, I'll die. I carry a notepad and pen with me all the time. Jotting down notes, ideas for new stories, solutions to scene problems--the list is endless. I have to write.

It keeps me sane. Try walking around with all the voices in your head. By writing I can get rid of some of the noise and give myself some quiet time, though it usually doesn't last long. Plus, if a character decides to fade away or disappear, I have their essence on paper so I won't forget.

I can torture anyone I want to in my writing and not have to worry about criminal persecution. Turn the bad guy in your story into the weasel who irritated you this morning. Now you can torture them, lock them away with no chance of parole, or feed them to the zombies. A good, safe way to relieve some of your frustrations.

Writing gives me a chance to create new worlds or realities that I want to go back and revisit over and over. I can add new characters and new problems, and revisit old friends.

Writing is a fairly cheap addiction. you just need a pen and paper. Not too expensive. at least not too expensive as long as I stay away form all the pretty and colorful pens and notebooks.


On days I don't get to write, I get cranky. You know, us writers have to get our fix somehow.

Oh, and by the way, I know when one of my pens is missing!