Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Signs of Being a Writer and Yes, I'm Guilty of a Few

  • You sometimes argue with people who aren't there.
  • Your work uniform consists of over-sized t-shirts, socks, flannel pants, etc.
  • You drink a lot of coffee/caffeinated drinks by the gallons. 
  • You ask people lots of weird questions about their jobs.
  • You have a strange fascination with body farms which bothers some of your family members. 
  • You plan elaborate torture and death scenes for the people who irritate them.
  • You walk around with pen and paper because you never know when an idea will hit. You have to be prepared, just in case.
  • You have a favorite pen and you're obsessed with post-it notes and notebooks. Be warned. I know when one of my pens is missing.
  • You would rather stay home and write than go out.
  • You find story and character ideas everywhere.