Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ten Things NOT to Say to Your Teacher

I thought you could use a good laugh, so here are some of the excuses I've heard over the years.
  1. "I left my paper at home. Seriously, I did it and it's lying on my desk at home."
  2. "My dog ate my homework."
  3. "You didn't tell ME I had to do the assignment."
  4. "This is stupid. Why do I have to learn ___? I'll never use it."
  5. "Are we doing anything important in class today?"
  6. "Why did you give me an F?"
  7. "I turned in the paper. You lost it because you don't like me."
  8. "Why did I get and F?" I copied from ___ and he/she got an A."
  9. "I couldn't do the homework because...of football practice (or any sport practice), I had to wash the dog, there was a game last night, it was ___ birthday party, etc.
  10. "My mom/dad said I didn't have to do the assignment because it was stupid.