Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring in My Backyard

Spring smacked my backyard while I wasn't looking.

Hello! It's April.

It's supposed to be springtime, but the weather has been up and down. It's definitely getting warmer, but we've had some cooler (almost cold) days mixed in.

So what happened in my backyard?

First, the grass started turning green but taking a closer look, the yard was filled with weeds. So what did I spend an evening after work doing? I helped DH pull weeds. Big weeds, small weeds, clover and everything else was yanked out of the ground. pulling weeds by hand is effective, but I don't recommend doing it for any long period of time. It's tough on your hands and your back.

Yes, we did spray weed killer. Unfortunately, the weeds seemed to like the stuff.

I have a variety of fruit trees in my backyard. They are all in various stages of flower and fruit growth. The trees are covered. Only time will tell if the fruit makes it to full maturity.

The trees and bushes have leaves popping out all over their limbs. It's crazy seeing all the different shades of green.

And then what happens over the weekend?

We get a weird cold spell. The good thing was that it wasn't really cold, cold, just in the 50s and 60s. The best part--we got some desperately needed rain. My lemon and lime bushes (not big enough to be called trees) are finally putting out leaves. They're a little behind the other trees and bushes in the yard.

So even with the crazy Texas weather, spring has landed in my backyard.