Friday, July 18, 2014

Five Things You Don't Know About Wisteria Mountain

Fact One

The town was originally founded as a safe haven for all paranormal creatures and their mates, some of which were human. A hundred years later, there was a battle between good and evil. Neither side won, but the children of both are now suffering.

Fact Two

People who stumble upon Wisteria Mountain find a run-down, dying town. A strong sense of foreboding comes over them and they have to leave as quickly as possible.

Fact Three

Wisteria Mountain wasn’t the town’s original name. When the town was first founded, it was called Mysteria Mountain. After the Great Battle, the name was changed to Wysteria Mountain. The spelling eventually evolved to Wisteria Mountain, though the other spelling is turning up more often.

Fact Four

Wisteria Mountain sets on a source of magnetic energy. Most paranormal creatures are drawn to it.

Fact Five

Wisteria Mountain is a fictional town. It is not based on any specific town or place, but rather is a mixture of a lot of places I have visited, but it is located in Texas.