Sunday, July 17, 2016

Random Thoughts: School Supplies

It's scary for some.
While for others, it's a huge reprieve after a long summer because they know they only have to make it a few more days.
At this time of the year, whole aisles in the stores are dedicated to these.


Which means the new school year is just around the corner!

(Cue moans from the kids, and hurrahs from the parents. LOL)

I was in our local Walmart last night and they already had shelves in their seasonal section covered with school supplies. It was strange walking by them without stopping, but that's what I did.

It's been years since I've bought school supplies for the child, and this year, I don't need to buy anything for my desk. When I was cleaning out my home office, I found that I had everything I needed to start the school year, with the exception of a new calendar/planner which I've already picked up. I had dates for the new school year that I had to put into it.

We still have a few weeks left before the first school bell rings.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!