Friday, August 11, 2017

Goodbye Summer

This summer has been really busy with life, writing and everything else.

Summer is almost over and fall is on its way!
Most of you know that I also teach junior high. Monday, I go back to school. It's the first day of teacher in service, so that means lots of meetings and getting ready for the new school year. It's crazy how fast the summer flew by this year.

The stores are having all kinds of Back to School sales this weekend. Here in Texas, it is the annual tax free weekend. Am I going shopping. No. I don't like dealing with the crowds in the stores. So I did my back to school shopping last week and on-line.

Yesterday, I was the guest author at the Gary Job Corp library. I meet with a bunch of the Gary students. We talked about my experience with being an indie author, where I get my ideas from, how I outline books, and a lot more. I had a really great time and the students were wonderful!

I've been busy with outlines and writing this summer. I went back through the outline for the first book in the Protocol Z series, my adult horror. I made some changes and basically tightened the plot. (I got rid of a couple of problem areas.) And I've been working like crazy on it. Right now, the book is tentatively schedule for publication around Halloween 2017.

The fourth book in the Children of Atlantis series is be out sometime in the fall of 2018. I will start work on the outlines and then the book after I finish with the Protocol Z book 1. Yes, I said outlines. I plan to work on the outlines for at least the next two books in the series.

Earlier this summer, as I was going through some of the boxes I hadn't opened yet (all my office stuff), I discovered two outlines I had done for a different series. I think I had planned on three books. I put them into my current projects file so that I can read over them and make a decision about what to do...To Write or Not To Write.

It's time for me to get back to writing.

Have a great weekend!