Friday, January 5, 2018

What I'm Currently Doing...

I am currently listening to Texas Flip N Move and other home shows. I've got the television going as background noise while I write.

I am eating lots of salads, proteins and fruits. I'm working on cutting carbs because they, especially processed foods that are high in carbs, cause a lot of problems with my sugar levels. I've worked hard to get my blood sugar levels into a normal range and I want to keep them there.

I am drinking lots of water and lots of water, and coffee.

I am wearing a lot of long sleeved shirts, sweatpants, and warm socks. We've had an unusual cold spell here in Texas. The temperatures for several days were at or below freezing for the high. We are finally getting back into the fifties.

I am feeling a little sad. Christmas break is almost over which means time to go back to school. But I am excited about the new year and the idea of new beginnings.

I am wanting to finish getting my new planner organized. I decided to go with a disc bound planner this year. I'm actually combining several different planners together to create one by taking the current two months out of the planners I bought and putting them into one and I'm adding in a few of bullet journal layouts because with the disc system, I can easily add paper.

I am thinking about the stories I plan to write this year and am jotting down the ideas so that I can go back and create outlines.

I am enjoying my vacation/break from school and being able to work on the project I want to work on.