Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Readers Have Rights Too!!!

The other day, I found the Reader's Bill of Rights by Daniel Pennac. I thought this was a great idea, so here they are along with my thoughts/comments.

The Right to Not Read
If I don't want to read something, I don't have to read it. Now I know some of you who are still in school are high-fiving each other. Sorry, I'm not talking about school assignments, which novels assigned by your teachers fall under. I talking about the books you check out or buy. Sometimes you start reading the book and realize it's not for you, even though all your friends have recommended it.

The Right to Skip Pages
Sometimes when I'm reading, I skip pages. I can hear the moans and groans, but sometimes the author has redundant information, or sections that don't pertain to me. Obviously, I'm talking more about the tech and professional books I read, but sometimes it pertains to the stuff I read for fun.

The Right to Not Finish
I have stopped reading books and even series for various reasons. Why continue reading if you're not getting any pleasure out of it?

The Right to Re-read
I re-read books all the time, either for fun or in connection with my day job. I enjoy these authors and their writing styles. Sometimes I just want to get lost in a story that I know I'll like.

The Right to Read Anything
 If I like it, I should be able to read it. Yes, I write Young Adult books, and I read a lot of YA books, but that's not all that I read. I love paranormal fantasy, whether it's YA or adult romance. I enjoy horror and science fiction too. I'm not stuck just reading YA because I write it.

The Right to Escapism
I like to get lost in the story I'm reading and that's okay. I get to get away from reality for a few hours, and I get to use my imaginations. Definitely not a bad thing. Books give us a chance to get away from what's going on in our lives, which in some cases may not be very pleasant.

The Right to Read Anywhere
I have the right to read anywhere I want to whether it be on the trip to visit relatives (as long as I'm not driving), at supper (I'm very guilty of this especially with my Kindle), while watching television (again guilty of this), on the beach...you get the idea.

The Right to Browse
 I love to browse through books! I'm guilty of reading summaries and the first chapter excerpts.

The Right to Read Out Loud
I don't read out loud, unless I'm reading to my students, but sometimes you need to read the passage out loud.

The Right to Not Defend Your Tastes
Not everyone is going to like what you read, as you are not going to like everything that others read.